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Fade Like a Shadow

  • Vote for the Top 2010 Music Releases in Malta – poll open until 1 January 2011.

  • Show notes for the 237th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

    Scar front man Konrad Pulé was in the news this week due to a failed murder attempt on him while working at his office with fellow traffic expert Peter Ripard. Major Ripard has series injuries from the bomb that exploded in Konrad’s office at Malta Transport in Sa Maison, but thankfully Pulé sustained no substantial physical harm. I take this opportunity to wish them both a speedy recovery.

    Cable 35Boogie Man
    One of the very first tracks featured on this year’s MMI podcast was a video by Cable 35 for their song Harry. Now they return with a new video for another song from their Hygene EP, Boogie Man. I believe they’re working on new recordings, which I expect they’ll release sometime in the new year. When that happens you can rest assured that I’ll be featuring them in a future edition of the MMI podcast. Meanwhile, if you like this band you can vote for them on the 2010 MMI Listeners’ Picks poll via Facebook.

    The MeteorsThey Call Me Creepy
    I’ve been wanting to including something by the kings of psychobilly for quite some time. They qualify for inclusion of the MMI series by virtue of the fact that the band’s lead singer and guitarist P. Paul Fenech is of course of Maltese origin. They’ve maintained their raw spirit for over thirty years and this may explain why they are not better known in Malta. This song is from their 2009 album entitled Hell Train Rollin’.

    For The GodlessSave Our Strength
    I saw Max Vassallo play drums during the M3P launch concert during Notte Bianca last September when he temporarily filled in the vacant drummer’s seat for Loathe. He struck me as an amazing force and the band was enriched by his precence, even though they are quite tight anyway, particularly in terms of their rapport with their die hard fans. Here we can hear him playing drums and providing vocals for his own band on a track that comes with an excellent video to showcase his talents.

    StefanosDon’t Fall Off the Edge
    Preparing for his second CD album to follow up on Zero Plus, guitarist Stefanos has released this track as a taster. He contacted me a few days ago to tell me that he’s also recording an acoustic number, which should be more to my taste than some of his MIDI-driven material. To be honest, I’d really like to hear him play with a live band as I think it would highlight his guitar playing skills even better than plonking along to a fully quantized drum machine. And the same goes for his producer Demis Fenech.

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