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You Take Me Up

Show notes for the 235th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Mystic DiversionsLifestream
Less than two years after Francesko Puccioni (aka Mike Francis) passed away, Mystic Diversion return with a new album. Aidan Zammit and Francesko’s brother Mario continue where they left off with their deadly departed fellow musician to present what sounds like another pearl in the string of albums they’ve produced together. Angel Soul is actually the sixth album from Mystic Diversion, and as much as Francesko will be missed, let’s hope that this will not be their last.

Jason SherriMy Spirit Flies
I’m not sure how this singer-songwriter has managed to escape my attention on previous years of the MMI podcast. My good friend Mario Axiaq passed me a copy of this song, his latest, as he prepares to release an album of many of the songs he has previously released in Maltese and English in German. This is quite understandable seeing that he has made Germany his country. Since he is actually based in Düsseldorf, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I get to met him in person too when I visit that city next year.

Grabbing the top spot on two categories in last year’s MMI Listeners’ Picks poll, Relikc return with a new release, seemingly in an attempt to grab the top spot on another category in this year’s MMI Listener’s Pick’s poll. They are yet another band to use BandCamp to release their new material, which gives me reason to believe that this online audio distribution site is about to become even more popular next year with Maltese acts.

The DoesYou
Dirk Farrugia and Owen Grech have created what, to me, remains one of the most enigmatic acts aiming to get on the radio in the Maltese Islands. Their latest song You was released a few days ago along with a video on YouTube. It’s good enough to merit a place in the Top Music Video category on this year’s MMI Listeners’ Picks poll, which will open for voting by this time next week.

Effetti KollateraliEK Nitolbu
I’m really glad that Estelle Used (whose voice I believe is featured on this track from EK) contacted me via Facebook a couple of weeks ago to draw my attention to the most recent work by this hip-hop collective. I had included something from them on a previous edition of the MMI podcast last year, so it was high time that I featured one of their new releases. By the sound of things, they’re quickly becoming a force to reckon with in the local hip-hop scene, and so it should be. Explicit lyrics warning aside, they pack a mighty punch and certainly reflect the best that the contemporary vernacular has to offer for this genre or any contemporary use of the Maltese language in song.

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