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Station to Station

Show notes for the 236th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Duo BlankStars on Mars
Frank Cachia and Edwin Balzan are the members of this dynamic duo and they never disappoint. Playing this recent track from them on my podcast means that it is now on the list of nominations for the 2010 MMI Listeners’ Picks poll. The list of nominations is quite long this year but I never expect it to be shorter from year to year. If you’re reading this before the end of 2010, you can cast vote now for your top picks from this year. Once again, voting via Facebook has been made possible by Kenneth J. Vella.

Wayne MicallefThe Parade
I’ve already played all the singles this singer-songwriter released this year so it should surprise no one that I’m including this one too. Since it came to my attention after I had closed the nomination process on the 2010 MMI Listerers’ Picks poll I haven’t included this one, but I have included all the others. If you really like this singer now’s the time to really show it by casting your vote from him.

Stolen CreepLector Spector
I’ve been wanting to play something by this all-girl band ever since I first heard of them some months ago. When Nick Morales from No Sweat Productions contacted me to say that they’ve released this single with an accompanying video I knew that I had to not only included on today’s podcast but also make sure it made it to the 2010 MMI Listerers’ Picks poll. If you want to vote for this band/song you’ll find them in the videos category.

I’n’IDubid ByeBye
Reggae bands are not plentiful in Malta but this one seems to be made up of three people who want to embrace the whole culture that comes with the genre. This is fairly evident from the name of the band, which is a Rastafari term for the togetherness of the almighty Jah. This particular dub is relatively trippy and tend to make the sound more classifiable as psychedelic trance than anything else.

Manwel TThis Is My Dub
Following on the success of the Dubkey Records’ album Virtual Dub 2, Malta’s foremost dub master returns with Virtual Dub 3. This too is available as a free download from the Dubkey Records website. And, as you would expect, both these albums are nominated in the album category on the 2010 MMI Listerers’ Picks poll.

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