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Show notes for the 233rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

IndigoRip It Down
This is the second single from Indigo’s album These Are The Roots which was released last July and it comes with an appropriate music video produced by No Sweat Productions. I’ve always found Marvic Lewis’ metal musings quite mysterious because I’m never sure what she’s actually up to. At the same time I get the feeling that she is very focused and the lack of comprehension is all due to my never having seen her live or closely followed what she been getting up to in recent years. Her previous album, Stuck, is on my iPod but perhaps it’s time to augment it with the tracks from the new album.

Jesper EjrupSebastian
During my most recent visit to Malta I bumped into this Danish singer-songwriter as he was leaving a radio interview with Michael Bugeja. He seemed like a very nice guy who was genuinely interested in the Maltese music scene. The more I found out about him (later) the more this first impression seemed to be spot on. When we met he had just release his latest CD single, entitled I Will Be (Right Here), which also features the track I’ve picked to play during this week’s podcast.

Lord AdderChildhood Land
A few days ago I came across a new band called The Gut Lads, with frontman Mark Spiteri. I first met Mark when he was in the  trash metal band Vandals back in the 1980s. Drummer Ray “Il-Ħamiemu” Micallef was also playing with him in Lord Adder and so I thought it would be appropriate to include this band on my podcast because, for some strange reason, I hadn’t managed to include them before. This song was released on YouTube along with a video recorded at Rock Cafe in Paceville back in 2007.

SandmistThe Inquisition
Oliver Grech has been experimenting with ideas as Sandmist for several years but it was only in the last year or so that his work began to crystallize in such a way that it came to my attention. I am particularly impressed by the growling from Vanja Plavic Obscure’s growling on this track. Listen to it closely and keep in mind that the growling comes from a teenage female voice.

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1 thought on “Radioactive”

  1. HEY TONI MY MAN! My new band is called The GUTLADS and it,s name is dedicated to all the performers in the old days of STRAIT STREET in VALLETTA. We have got already 26 original songs since last May and i am really looking forward to play it for the very first time on Friday 19th November at ROOKIES bar in bugibba. The style is totally different from what it was before. take care mate i will let you know all about this band. it,s gonna be a huge success.

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