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Blue Skies

Show notes for the 234th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

MikaelaCall Me
I first featured this singer a few months ago, during MMI podcast 215. I said that the sort of things she was up to made her one to watch in the coming months…and here we are again. It feels like she’s on a journey of self-discovery or something like that. I’m sure that her best work is still ahead of her but its not surprising that she has been nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Artist in this year’s MMA. I wonder how she’ll do on the MMI Listeners’ Picks poll, when voting opens on that via Facebook in a couple of weeks time.

Doreen GaleaInti ma Tarġax
The CD album Ommi was one of the most underrated music releases from Malta last year. I’m thankful to its executive producer, Steve Borg, for sending me a copy of this album, featuring some of the best romantic poems in the Maltese language, which have been set to music by Dominic Galea. I don’t doubt that in years to come, this will be seen as Doreen Galea’s best work ever.

Vince FabriIl-Fatat ta’ Strada Stretta
Last March, Vince Fabri turned 50. To celebrate this milestone in his life, he presented a live (semi-private) concert of his songs at the MITP. We met casually this summer, as we always do whenever I visit Malta, and he promised to send me a recording from that night, but I forgot to remind him so I remain with it. Fortunately he has apparently uploaded several songs for what appears to be that show to Reverbnation and a couple of other places online. I hope he’ll read this and take it as a reminder to send me the entire recording from that 50th birthday concert, or perhaps he’ll uploaded it to the M3P.

Chris RadiumSynchro
Chris Farrugia has been active for a whole decade in the Maltese live electronica scene so I’m a little surprised that this is the first time I’ve really heard of him. He tagged me on a video for this track, which he uploaded to Facebook a few days ago. I hate it when people tag me on their uploaded videos or pictures when I’m not really in them. However, I’m glad that I discovered Chris Radium this way. I guess that every cloud really has a silver lining.

Eugene BaldacchinoDeep
This outstanding Maltese guitarist has been active in the local scene since the 1980s but never really received much public acclaim, for one reason or another. I was mighty pleased when I discovered that he is not only uploading video clips of himself playing some cool covers on his guitars, but also a small number of original tunes, which also appear on the OurStage website. In the new age of easy access to self-publishing, people like Eugene Baldacchino are finally beginning to reach the audiences they’ve always deserved.

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