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What Do You Got?

Show notes for the 231st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

CruzRed Tape
I’ve followed the rising career for Marilyn Mifsud for the last couple of years and I wasn’t suprised at all when she formed a band and ended up as the opening act for this past summer’s Winter Moods concert at The Granaries in Floriana. She’s a woman is search of something and you can hear that in her songs. This band may indeed help where find what she’s been looking for. I, for one, will be watching this space because if things continue at the rate they’ve been going over the past year, we may very well be listening to Malta’s next big thing on the pop rock scene.

TwoTimeShooterTwisted Tuxedo
The annual Rookies’ Battle of the Bands has been won by such notables as Fire and introduced bands like Cable 35 on the Maltese music scene. This year it produced both a winner out of nowhere and a band that’s bound to go places in the shape of TwoTimeShooter. Their debut single, which I discovered when their bass player Julian Caruana sent me a Facebook message, is amazingly good for a new band. I can see not only why they won this year’s BotB at Rookies but I can also see that they’ll do good things with their prize of studio time in Ibiza.

Darren BorgJust 4 You
I first met Darren many years ago when as a teenager he collaborated with my 2nd cousin Keith Camilleri in an electronica duo called first The Alter and then Kashmir. He released an album under his own name called Long Way Home with the net label PinkPube earlier this year, to be precise: on the 16 of May. Even back then, his forte was the creation of melodic riffs and from this album I see that he has also managed to gain himself a respectable following for his most recent work. Apparently he has also released another album this summer with Sound Saga City. More on that in a future edition of the MMI podcast.

A couple of days ago, TVM featured a documentary on the life and untimely death of my old friend Mario Ellul in the popular series Bijografiji. To mark this occassion I thought it would be appropriate to play one of his songs from his days with Mirage. He recorded this cassette album Garage Technology with them back in 1986, and it’s quite a gem from Malta’s burgeoning music scene during that decade.

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