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The Model

Show notes for the 229th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Lyndsay PaceGoing Under
Every new song I hear from this singer makes me like her more and more. Her choice of songs to record and present herself with are outstanding for a Maltese pop singer. This one has an impressive music video too and that makes it even more appealing to many who like this type of music. My hope is that more and more people discover Lyndsay in the coming months and years.

TactSense of Purity
Franco Tartaglia’s act was launched a few days ago and first impressions are quite good. Amanda Friggieri’s voice and image work give the necessary edge to Tartaglia’s intricate classical guitar driven compositions. They call this fusion of cool jazz and classical tones lounge and it seems quite appropriate as this is the sort of music you want to listen to closely or enjoy in the context of a delightful environment rather than on just any old live music stage. More please.

SyrupStatic H
One of the first songs to be entered in the M3P database comes from Shaun Grech’s old musical vehicle. His brother Alex is one of the founding directors of the Malta Music Memory Project and he picked this track to use in exploring a template for data about all other songs we’re planning to capture within the M3P. This originally came out in the period I had briefly lost touch with the Maltese music scene, back when I lived in New York City. So I really have M3P to thank for bringing it to my attention and to this week’s MMI podcast.

Jo Micali vs U-Bahn feat. Chess
We’ve had all three acts involved in this new song on recent editions of the MMI podcast. Now they join forces to give us what many (myself included) will consider Chess’ follow-up single from her debut Stilettos with the prolific pop master Muxu. While this song hasn’t struck me as catchy as Beautiful Eyes it is most certainly another great opportunity to hear the potential that Chess will undoubtedly fulfill in the coming years. She has now moved to the UK to study music, so I take this opportunity to wish her all the very best. I have a good feeling about this singer and I believe she is destined for a bright future.

MuxuFill My Cup
Most prolific Maltese pop singer is an award that should be created just for Muxu who returns with another song. This time it’s a collaboration with his mother Sandra Mercieca. Once again Muxu manages to deliver a punchy pop tune that stands in the shadow of his almighty Beat My Drum. While it will be hard for him to top himself on his debut release, this new song demonstrates (yet again) that he is certainly not a one-trick pony.

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