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Brand New Day

Show notes for the 228th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Ellie and the OscarsPretty Rival
My good friend Winston De Giorgio brought this track to my attention a couple of days ago. Apparently it’s making quite a big splash on some of the radio stations in Malta and after just one listen I can very well undetstand why. Eliza Borg’s voice is outstanding and the experimental combination of pop, ambient and electro rock make for a very rich sonic tapestry that stands out in the predictable sounds that saturate commercial radio in Malta.

Thomas HedleyTurn Off the Lights
I’m never sure whether this singer knows how good he really is. Every song I’ve ever heard from him can blend in perfectly on any shuffle playlist featuring contemporary pop rock tunes. Apparently he only produces these songs out of frustration of the limitations of the local music scene in Malta. I honestly hope that more people pay attention to Thomas Hedley in the coming months and years. He is a talent to be reckoned with and certainly a cut above the many wannabes of the Maltese pop music scene.

Digital BlackEnd of History
After releasing sample clips for a couple of their songs on MySpace, Digital Black have now finally uploaded a full version of this track on their ReverbNation page. Simon Deguara is among the few musicians who see the similarities between metal and industrial electronica. The sound of Digital Black is testament of the direct link between the two and it is indeed an excellent exemplar of the tightness that comes from metal musicians producing industrial driven electronic rock.

Adie feat. Hooligan Tug of War
Maltese pop singer Adrienne shortened her name to Adie last year and started flirting with R&B and raunchier sounds than the sort of tunes she wrote and sang in the many years she’s been active on the local music scene. A collaboration with Maltese rap king Hooligan will certainly give anyone an edge but it will take more than this to give Adie the street credibility she seems to be after with this song. Still, someone as driven as this singer-songwriter will keep exploring new ways to get noticed and that can only raise the possibility for producing something really memorable. This is the first time I’ve featured Adie on the MMI podcast but I’m pretty sure it’s not the last.

Red ElectrickVine Lady
During my recent visit to Malta for the official launch of the M3P, I was invited to the press launch of the debut CD album from Red Electrick entitled Vine Lady. I’ve followed this band since they first came together under the name Drive and I’d say that they’ve fulfilled the promise they demonstrated in their early days quite nicely. The album is packed with catchy pop rock songs verging on the familiar with a contemporary twist. My feeling is that in good time they may really find their own sound and indeed blow everyone in the local rock scene out of their comfort zone. Meanwhile, they’ll certainly continue to produce some of the most enjoyable melodic rock in the Maltese islands.

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