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Viva Malta

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Show notes for the 226th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

The Lesser GodsAurora
Among 2010’s newcomers but made up of band members who are quite established in the local rock scene, The Lesser Gods are undoubtedly a band to watch. Fronted by Jody Fiteni, this band will certainly become one of most followed on Malta’s alternative rock scene in the coming years. They are among the six bands playing the M3P launch event Your Rarely Hear This On the Radio! at Hastings Garden in Valletta during Notte Bianca on Saturday 2010. They will be sharing this stage with Forsaken, Norm Rejection, Loathe, Memento Nostri and R.A.S. Many other bands, singers and musicians are appearing at other venues during Notte Bianca; Synergy and The Overouts will also be appearing at Hasting Garden from 6:30pm.

Memento NostriIl-Fatt
Hot from the release of their impressive Pro Patria, this band will continue to amaze new audiences with work, which has a clear Maltese dimension to it. This aspect is most pronounced on the track that I’ve selected to include on this podcast, which is an amazing rendition of traditional Maltese song into a contemporary heavy rock idiom. I’m really looking forward to seeing this band live during the M3P launch concert at Hastings Garden next Saturday. I hope you can join us.

Rita PaceIl-Fatt ta’ L-Għarusa tal-Mosta
The M3P launch starts at 2pm with an Inaugural Symposium featuring many of the key stakeholders on this project, who will be discussing various aspects of their own work in the Maltese music scene. This will take place at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta. A full schedule is available here. A live concert of Maltese songs with Rita Pace starts at 6pm. In the first part of this gig, she will be accompanied by guitarists Denise and Kalcidon Vella ta’ Mustaċċa along with ex-Black Sorrows’ Willie Saliba. I had the great fortune of seeing them all perform together in February 2006 at the Manoel Theatre Courtyard during an event organized by Poezijaplus and Narraturi 21, produced by the late Ġorġ Mifsud-Chircop. This recording was originally featured on the 27th edition of the MMI podcast.

Clifford BorgEmergence
Also appearing in the M3P launch event will be one of Malta’s foremost pianists. He will be performing a number of pieces from his CD releases of solo piano, as well as accompanying Rita Pace as she interprets some of her own Maltese-language songs. The track I’ve picked from his second CD album Origin will be among the ones we’ll hear live during the show.

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