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Show notes for the 227th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Aaron BenjaminI Can
Another single from this singer following up on his Break the Silence from a couple of years ago, which was also written in Sweden by Didrik Thott, Sebastian Thott and Sharon Vaughn. This trio of songwriters have also written for Kevin Borg (Street Lights), Boyzone (To Late For Hallelujah) and Celine Dion (Let Your Heart Decide) among others. This is star quality pop and I’m not sure it gets the attention it actually deserves in Malta and internationally. Still, that’s the pop world, I guess.

Eve RansomBleed
During a visit to Malta last July I met Eve Ransom at the Radio 101 studios, where they were guests on Michael Bugeja’s very first edition of his show Rockna. During that programme they announced that their next single would be called Bleed and I told them that was a great name as it was the same as that by one of the most unknown bands from the Maltese Islands, Tears of Revenge. Understandably, to some degree, they had never heard of that band or any of their songs. Their song bears no resemblance to the ToR cult classic, of course, and its places Brendan Jackson and his band on the forefront of contemporary guitar-driven rock in Malta.

Scarlet DropBroken Wings
Back to the Sweden connection on today’s podcast, I’m pleased that the music of this band has come to my attention. Graziella Väcklén and Leah Muscat give Scarlet Drop a strong Malta connection, even if they’re based in Sweden and active in Germany. The track I’ve selected to play is taken from the EP with the same name and most certainly showcases the band’s best qualities. I’m sure many hard rock fans in Malta would love to see them live but to my knowledge they’ve never performed in the Maltese islands nor do they have any plans to do so in the foreseeable future.

SplitMuscle to Muscle
The M3P: Malta Music Memory Project is now underway and I’ll be referring to it at least once during every edition of the MMI podcast from now on. Links for the show notes on this blog now point the the respective M3P pages rather than MySpace or anywhere else as before. Alfie Fabri’s personal collection is one of the most remarkable sources of Malta’s music scene, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s. The song I’ve picked today comes from a demo tape recorded in London by a Maltese band featuring Mike Mercieca and William Mangion among others. Alfie interivew William Mangion his pirate radio station about all this 1982 but I had never heard this material before. I’m sure many podcast listeners will as fascinated by it as I am.

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