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Show notes for the 225th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Tears of RevengeBleed
One of the very first bands to be featured on the MMI series broke up soon after a gig at the now defunct Naasha Events Lounge in San Gwann. A couple of members for this band are now playing with Saving Alexis, attracting considerable airplay in Malta. ToR’s only song has turned into a cult classic in my book so I was thrilled when my friend Michael Bugeja discovered that there’s a studio recording of the song as well as another song that’s never been aired anywhere.

Renee CassarLive and Learn
I’m surprised that this wonderful Maltese-Australian singer is not better known in Malta. Her new single, released by Island Records in Australia is quite good and could attract a larger audience for Renee Cassar. I’m not sure how well known she is in Australia either, but whatever the case, I’m sure she doesn’t care that much about any of this because she’s a very talented singer-songwriter.

Emanuel BalzanMary
From Melbourne’s underground comes another Maltese-Australian of note. Not particularly mainstream in direction or output, Emanuel Balzan ranges from psychedelic wonders to rockabilly romps. From Mr Ed and the Children of Providence, the first of the five albums he has released, I’ve picked a song that could be an homage to Hendrix without ripping off the classic guitar god in any way.

ip-configParticle Collision
A few days ago, on the 25th of August 2010 (to be precise), Maltese net label Pink Pube released its 44th offering: Winter to Sine by ip-config (aka Justin Meli). This release marks 5 years (plus two days) since the label was launched, back in 2005. The new album blends in well in the eclectic selection of electronica and other sonic art wonders available as free downloads from the label’s website at

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