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You’re The Radio

Show notes for the 223rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

Re-Ne’ & LyndsayTaking Over Me
This new song from Lyndsay Pace sees her collaborating with Rene’ Brincat to produce something that’s worthy of note from both of them. It’s the sort of thing that should be heard over and over again on the radio and in dance clubs this summer and beyond.

Luisana BartoloPoeżija
One of the most beautiful Maltese pop songs ever written has been given a new lease of life with the enchanting voice of Luisana Bartolo. This version does justice to the original from Luisana’s father, the late great Sammy Bartolo. It’s actually from a musicial written by Frederick Zammit entitled Imħabba Fuq Il-Għolja (Love On The Hill), which was originally staged in Mellieħa last February. It returns by popular demand next month and I’m pretty sure that this song will be one of the highlights.

In last week’s podcast I mentioned that this band would be appearing along with Plato’s Dream Machine at Madliena Cottage on August 20. A couple of days ago I saw a YouTube video of this British band busking in Valletta and got the feeling that they could leave a lasting impact on some ripe minds and alternative musical tastes in Malta. Their brand of contemporary folk may sound somewhat quirky to pop and rock saturated ears, but music lovers have lots of layers to enjoy in any of the songs I’ve heard from the Moulettes.

Abysmal TormentOmega
On Thursday 17 August former Abysmal Torment drummer Wayne Vella lost his life in a work-related fatal incident in Mosta. He was well loved by many in the music scene and beyond, as can be witnessed from the many tributes left on his Facebook page. He was a remarkable metal drummer but those who knew him well will miss a good friend and a lover of life. While those who don’t appreciate the type of music he liked and played may think my choice here is not appropriate, I can assure you that this is indeed the best way to remember him.

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  1. Erik from Hamburg/Germany

    I read the news about the accident via, then came here to read the blog just to see that it was Wayne who died. What a tragedy! He was a remarkable drummer. My thoughts are with his family and the band. May he rest in peace…

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