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Show notes for the 221st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

Claudia FanielloI Hate This Song
An album called Convincingly Better is forthcoming from one of Malta’s best-loved pop singers. This single was released to promote the album and it’s wonderful to see that this singer has musical ambitions beyond representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest. She certainly has a remarkable voice and an onscreen (and stage) presence to go with it, as you can see from the video for this new song.

Chasing PandoraPeople
This new song comes from an upcoming EP and new band members for Chasing Pandora are providing a slight change of direction for this act from Gozo. The accompanying video for this new song makes the best of the unique atmosphere in and around the Victoria main square. You can also take advantage of the free download offer for this track from the official Chasing Pandora website throughout the rest of this month.

Chess – Stillettos
Muxu is slowly but surely gripping the Maltese pop scene in a very solid way. He’s clearly behind the idea of presenting Fran Galea as Chess with this new song of his. The way the word in the title of this song is enunciated here is a little annoying, but that shouldn’t diminish from what is a delightful pop song from a singer who hopefully has the best of her repertoire ahead of her. I’m really glad my friend Pierre Cachia brought this song to my attention.

Dimal ft. Maddee – Shake It, Shake It
The perfect combination of two musicians who have decided to make Malta their home enriches the local dance scene tremendously. Dimal clearly understands what fills a dance floor these days, while Maddee’s voice is a beacon of sophistication that many young Maltese hopefuls must and should look up to. It would be great to see them collaborating more directly and openly with others in the local scene.

Angèle CristinaStronger
Toby’s productions tend to have a distinctive sound to them. You can tell it’s one of his tracks almost immediately. What really distinguishes on song from the next in many cases is the vocal track. Here it’s the delightful and quasi-mysterious voice of newcomer Angèle Cristina, who I’m quite keen to hear again in the coming months.

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