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One More Time

I’m on the road this weekend, returning from an international music conference in Germany, where I was invited to give a keynote lecture about how new technology is changing behaviour among young(er) people. During the last few weeks, various conversations I’ve had with people who follow the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast have prompted me to repeat the release of one of my previous podcasts from the series every now and then. This time, I’ve selected to re-run a podcast that was originally available from Saturday 24 October 2009. Enjoy!

Show notes for the 185th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

8 UglyLady Let It Lie
Cover versions are rare on the MMI podcast. The occasional exception makes it to the show simply because it’s a stand-out case. And so it is for 8 Ugly’s version of Lady Let It Lie by Fish. Apparently, clearing the mechanical rights for this song to appear on 8 Ugly’s long anticipated Sleeper album has delayed the release of that CD. If every other Maltese act was so scrupulous about these things I honestly believe that even fewer covers would be recorded. 8 Ugly give the song their own twist, which actually makes it sound as if it was one of their songs rather than a minor hit by the ex-Marillion singer who has visited Malta more than once.

BeigeFeels Good
This is one of those bands that appeared in the last couple of years that I wish we’d hear more of and more often. In he summer of 2009 they released this single, which makes me want even more from this band. Claire Galea (I think I got her name right this time!) has an unusual voice for a Maltese pop rock singer. It’s pleasant without being obvious and compliments the slick guitar work by Eric Santucci quite beautifully. It feels good indeed.

Twenty-Six Other-WorldsWhen Beauty Danced
The local metal scene has good reason to rejoice on the 24th of October 2009 [the original date this podcast was released]. Twenty-Six Other-Worlds officially launched their CD album Manipulated with a live gig on that day. Metal fans are very loyal to the bands they like. Most fans like more than one band, of course, so I believe that this release will attract many new followers for this band. Not only can you purchase the CD through the band’s website but you can also buy the album from iTunes if you prefer a download rather than a shiny plastic disc.

Hunters PalaceAfter The Dream
Alex Vella Gera contacted me to point out that Hunters Palace released a live album of a show they gave at Chiaroscuro in Valletta on the 30 December 2008. The album was released as a limited online download only under the name 30/12/08. The band were been gigging and recording in London in October 2009 [when this podcast was originally released].

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