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Near the End

Show notes for the 220th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

FireAlways There
Another single lifted from Thrill Me, the band’s second CD album. It seems that this one received some decent airplay in Malta in recent weeks. The classic rock sound of Fire is among those that blend in more easily with the sort of music on some of the radio playlists in Malta. It’s good to see that some of the better tracks on this CD are still getting played outside the bands live gigs. That’s probably always a good thing.

IndigoStill Here
Following up on her debut album Struck, Marvic Lewis returns with Indigo’s second CD album. This one is entitled Dark Psyche and the single released to coincide with the album launch indicates that while the songs may be a little darker on this new collection, fans are in for more of the elements they enjoyed so much on the first CD.

Frenzy MonoVicious Circle
There’s a clear sense of maturity in O.B.E. the new album from Frenzy Mono. They’ve now really found their groove and it’s hard retro rock with a twist. The track I’ve selected is possibly even inflected by their alter ego activities in Nomad Son along with bassist Albert Bell where the retro groove gives way to a heavy tome of doom, the likes of which have become very popular with metal fans around the globe over the last couple of decades.

Saving AlexisLipstick Lies
Hailing from Imqabba, this new young band has a delicious pop rock sound that can only get better in the coming years. There are glimpses of a group that wants to do more than simply emulate the plethora of guitar bands that littered the pop scene since the 1990s. They’ve made quite a splash in Malta with this debut release, so unless they lose their way, I’m pretty confident that Saving Alexis will be around with more and better things in the coming months and years.

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