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Gone Again

Show notes for the 218th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

V.S.O.P.Take Control
Vince Leguesse is the man behind Vinnie Skillz Original Production. Those who keep close tabs on the local music scene will undoubtedly know him as part of Sixth Simfoni. This experimental trip hop & electronic fusion is not a great departure for him, but it does showcase his musical skills without having to share the limelight with some crafty words, giving the tunes and beats a whole different shade and meaning. Vinnie is one of the most underrated musicians in Malta. My hope is that more people will take a closer listen to more tracks from V.S.O.P. and come to appreciate him more.

Nath InderMetropolis
It’s been a while since I last played something by Nathan Inder on my podcast. He made a comment about Stalko on my Facebook wall last week and that triggered my move towards playing this new track from him on this week’s MMI podcast. I really like the cool laid back electronic grooves that he produces. Whenever I listen to a short burst such as the one you can hear here, I gladly dive into one of his longer mixes, which he has now also released via SoundCloud.

Spriggan MistDragut’s Eye
Whenever I say the words Spriggan Mist at home, my wife starts singing Indigo Child by this band. They have now released a CD album called Caught in A Spell featuring that song and others they had uploaded to the MySpace page earlier, along with some new tracks that we had never heard before. Dragut’s Eye features the Marsa parish church bells, the legendary 17th century character from the failed Ottoman invasion of Malta, and a casual phone conversation between Baz Cilia and his mate Anglu Fenech. Spriggan Mist is essentially a British band, but these elements make it more than worthy of inclusion on the MMI podcast whenever possible.

Malcolm PisaniGone Again
When I introduced this song on this 218th MMI podcast I mistakenly said that I hadn’t played anything else by Malcolm Pisani on the series before. I actually played a song called Press Play in the 129th MMI podcast. This new song is nowhere near as good as that other one, so this is probably why I had forgotten the initial inclusion in the series. Then again, you can’t really expect me to remember every single track I’ve played since 2005 now do you? Still, Pisani can’t go unnoticed since he has managed to attract considerable mainstream media attention to the video, which is the second one he has independently produced in as many years.

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