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To The Sea

Show notes for the 215th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

Eve RansomEscaped
Brendan Jackson returns along with the rest of the band with this new single. It’s the sounds exactly like the sort of thing you’d expect from Eve Ransom if you’ve heard them before.

Dorienne Cachia’s voice is one of the most appealing on the Maltese music scene. This new song from Heartbeat sees them going from strength to strength. Although this is one of the most non-assuming bands in Malta, I they really deserve a second (and a third) listen.

CygnaWooden Little People
Mario Sammut is on of the most listener friendly electronica artists to ever emerge from the Maltese Islands. Gig goers in Malta may have spotted him at the recent Earth Garden weekend in Ta’ Qali. Other can look out from him at Glastonbury towards the end of this month.

Jo Micali feat. U-Bahn – Beautiful Eyes (remix)
Jo Micali is not someone I’d heard of before but he comes highly recommended. I doubt U-Bahn would have been as pleased as they are with his remix of their hit song from last year if he wasn’t as good as they say he is. Apparently bigwigs like Paul van Dyk and Armin Van Buren seem to think so too. Who am I to disagree? What’s more: I really like the U-Bahn song because it makes me feel positive about life in general, even though it’s not really as deep as all that.

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