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We Rock

Show notes for the 213th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

Rage Against SocietySlaves of the Machine
It seems that an entire podcast dedicated to the harder side of the Maltese rock scene is becoming the traditional thing to do in the week before the Eurovision Song Contest. Lordi aside, it feels right to delve into a far side of the music spectrum at this point in time. R.A.S. strike me as one of the best Maltese acts that’s towards the very end of that range of genres I just mentioned. I really like the vocal contrast between Patti Pattex and Ray Il-Baħri’s on this particular track. If you don’t like your music heavy, turn away now; you have been warned.

ForsakenDies Irae (Day of Wrath)
Rage Against Society have been around for 15 years, but Forsaken have been together even longer. Their most recent album, 2009’s After The Fall, is still receiving critical acclaim all over the world among serious Metal aficionados. Regular listeners of my weekly podcast know that I played a track from this ATF when it first came out. Still, it should come as no surprise that I’ve picked another track from that collection for today’s show.

Shades of ChaosRelentless Killing Machine
Moving away from the old timers, I’m struck by this relatively new band – they’ve been gigging under various formations since 2004. This is the freshest brand of metal to my ears. Growling is an acquired taste and even life-long headbangers from a previous generation (or two) find it hard to stomach sometimes. I have fond associations with this type of sound from the 1990s, so I’m always thrilled to hear a good growler over a fresh bed of metal.

Black VultureCleansed by Fire
Among the more interesting collaborations that fit in well with this week’s podcast is a trio with a Maltese drummer called Martin Ciappara. Some of you will recognize that name as the man behind Prayer for the Dying. This is not Martin’s first international collaboration either: a couple of years ago he was involved in Lustre with Turkish guitarist Sarrum, who is also part of Black Vulture. Vocal duties here are performed by Richard Schierer. So, in some ways, this band could also be seen as a new version of Lustre.

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