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Saturday Sun

Show notes for the 211th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

Today is the day the long awaited EP by this young band is launched at the Black Pearl in Ta’ Xbiex. The official release gig for Open Beta has two bands supporting the Retrophytes: For Strings Inn and Dolls of Idols. All in all this promises to be an unmissable night for anyone who cares to hear three of the most energetic alternative Maltese bands to emerge in recent years.

Sasha & SamChoices
Regular listeners of the MMI podcast know that I really like this duo. They released a their debut CD not so long ago and they’re already producing new tracks. Choices is one of the new songs they’ve written and recorded since the album launch. Apparently more new tracks are on the way, so you can bet I’ll be featuring Sasha & Sam again on my podcast sooner or later.

Wayne MicallefBreaking Down
Of all the singers who took part in this year’s Malta EuroSong festival Wayne Micallef is the only one who really has an unrelated track record. He is a singer and songwriter who releases songs that are not only better than the drivel contest but are also testament to the fact that he will most probably still be around long after he has given up on a Eurovision dream. While I will be among the first to appreciate his stepping back from that particular scene, I’ll also miss his relatively alternative approach to the possibility of having his songs heard by the largest television audience in Europe.

Silent StringsFirst Grain of Sand
Facebook is turning into a worthy source for discovering Maltese music. The FB group Maltese Bands, created by James Vella, is an excellent initiative. Others, like Silent Strings, simply use FB the way countless others use MySpace or Reverbnation to publish their recordings. This first outing by this new duo – Luke Bonavia (guitar and percussion) and Andrew Tonna (bass guitar and harmonica) – makes me want to hear more. Hopefully it’ll come in a matter of weeks. If, or rather when it comes, I’m sure it’ll be on their FB page.

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