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Fool for You Anyway

Show notes for the 212th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers in or from Malta:

Bletchley ParkWaterfall
An excellent follow-up single to their debut release, Alien. I particularly like the chord progression on this one. If this is the direction Bletchley Park plan to go in over the coming months and years they’ll certainly be gathering more and more fans as they go along.

Winter MoodsMy Neverland
Here’s a second single from the upcoming new album by one of Malta’s most popular and longest standing bands. If this song and Last to Know are any indication of the rest of the tracks on the forthcoming album, it really shows a Maltese AOR band in full maturity.

From time to time I come across acts that escape my attention for a while. Mikaela falls squarely in this category and I’m not sure how and why she hasn’t been featured on a previous edition of the MMI podcast. Her MySpace page currently features three songs she has recorded, along with news that she is working new material with her band Mikaela’s Picture and the Blind Trash whose members include Nick Morales, Alan Portelli and Benji Cachia. This is most certainly a ‘watch this space’ situation.

SoundCloud is slowly but surely taking it’s place along with MySpace, Facebook and Reverbnation as an excellent resource for Maltese recordings. It seems to be the preferred platform for the more experimental acts. Still, CV/Gate (a duo comprising Justin Meli and Christopher Buhagiar) also manage to maintain a strong Facebook presence. Their brand of electro, techno, acid house tinged tracks are among some of the most refreshing new sounds in this genre that I’ve heard from a Maltese duo in recent years.

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