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Empty Space

The number of people who have contacted me asking about my Eurovision 2010 “predictions” in the last few days is staggering. There is no stand out act this year, even if Azerbaijan have spent more than Malta spends in 10 years on this contest to promote their 2010 entry. I am rather surprised that the Google worm is steady for Germany’s Lena, but let’s see what happens over the next couple of days.

So, without too much prejudice towards anyone’s taste in music, here are my pick for semi-final 1, in order of appearance:

Just because the Russians clearly aren’t taking Eurovision seriously this year, it doesn’t mean they can’t make it to the final.

The interesting staging, if nothing else, will make this a memorable entry on the night. Will that be enough to get Kristina Pelakova to the final?

What a country of extremes! It’s one of the most kitschy songs in this year’s contest but it’ also horribly infectious. Traditional Eurovision fans will love this. I’d also make a special note of the fact that they’re all dressed in white.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
I have it from someone who knows these things well that this is one to watch, for a particular group of Eurovision fans. However, he may be overlooking the fact that they’re also the same fans who don’t really like rock guitars.

Most Maltese people who bother voting on the Eurovision semi-final will probably like the staging of Legenda but they’ll possibly also take into account the fact that Malta’s own Thea Garrett seems to have found a soul mate in Marcin Mroziński. If they both make it to the final, she may very well be joining him on the cast of Les Miserables when it opens in Warsaw in September.

One of the very few songs that don’t conform to the mainstream Eurovision genres and sub-genres. Will a good looking young man strumming an acoustic guitar and singing about, well, his guitar, appeal to the mostly middle aged female voting audience? Watch this one closely: it will either soar above the schlagers or sink majestically.

Malta has one of the most alluring entries in years. I’m saying Thea will take My Dream to the final. The backing singers are divine but perhaps our young singer is hampered by two of the handicaps that kept Jade Ewen from achieving a higher placing for the UK at last year’s final: (a) the song doesn’t grab you in the first 30 seconds, and (b) a young dynamic singer is made to perform like an aging diva.

If Juliana Pasha manages to make it to the final, it will prove that the new voting system has eliminated the possibility of bloc voting from excluding entries from countries without friendly neighbours.

Combing kitsch, ethnic stereotypes, and a catchy chant will ensure that Opa takes the Greeks to the final to provide what many will consider the most entertaining of this year’s entries. I’d also make a special note of the fact that they’re all dressed in white.

In spite of giving us all that volcanic ash this spring, Iceland shines at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with a singer that will not only take the northern-most island nation in the contest to the final but can most likely also secure it a top 10 placing (or better) in the final voting round.

Keep in mind that the top two acts tipped to win the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest are not taking part in the first semifinal along with Malta and the rest of the songs presented on Tuesday.

Depending on the kind of feedback I get from you, gentle readers, I’ll do this again for Thursday’s semifinal too, or simply skip to Saturday’s final.

DISCLAIMER: The “predictions” made in this blog post are for your amusement only. I’m pretty sure that these will not be the 10 countries whose songs will actually qualify for Saturday’s final.

CLAIMER: I’ll be greatly amused to see how many of my 10 picks are also the ones that will be seen/heard again on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Empty Space”

  1. antoinette micallef

    When I watched Thea sing for the first time I thought she was in her 3o’s!!!!!!
    Why oh why do our young singers have to look like aging divas (as you rightly said)in elaborate dresses and heavy make-up!!!!
    She has such a young fresh looking face,she needs very little to enhance her looks.
    Well,good luck dear Thea! Give it your all tonight!

  2. I know you’ve got mixed (or worse) feeings about the Contest, but I appreciate your thoughtful take on things musical. Me? I’m a big gay Chiara fan. Not Schlagerboys gay, but gay nonetheless.

    Thea’s done all she can with what she’s got, which may or may not get her in the final. I think it’ll come down to the juries.

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