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Show notes for the 209th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast.

Nina WrightWaiting
Maltese and Canadian born and raised in Canada but now living in Arizona. This R&B singer clearly deserves to grace the line up on the MMI podcasting series. I’ll be keeping a look out for new material from her and promise to play it on future editions of my weekly podcast.

The MythCrazy
One of Malta’s longest running bands returns with another radio-friendly pop rock song. It seems that they’ve now found their sound and even though (to my ears) it sounds a little too 90s Brit pop there’s still room for this sort of thing on the Maltese music scene.

Manwel TTonight
Following up on 2009’s Virtual Dub, Malta’s dub master Manwel T has just released Virtual Dub 2 through his Dubkey Records net-label. This free download should go down well with all lovers of reggae and roots music. I’ve selected a track written and recorded by Germany-based Phil Harmony with Boomrush Backup. Manwel T’s remix is quite delightful and it’s among the highlights on this collection.

Carrie HaberYou Need to Reconsider is fast becoming the online network of choice for many Maltese musicians, even if MySpace remains a strong presence on the scene and Facebook continues to be the most excellent way to reach and audience. After enjoying the music of many local acts through this relatively new website, I’ve finally been drawn to register my own account on it by Carrie Haber who seems to be working her mojo through her RN pages. It’s also the only place online where you can hear some of Carrie’s new songs in full. The one I’ve picked is one of them, of course.

Paul GiordimainaVoyage (Part 1)
It’s Paul’s birthday on the 28th of April. This year he turns 50, so I think it’s appropriate to pause for a minute and wish him many happy returns. Although he is best known as a pop singer, he probably prefers to be remembered as a jazz musician. So I’ve picked a track off last year’s Letter To Bernie double CD to sample his keyboard style. Happy Birthday Paul!

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  1. Nina has such a Beautiful Sexy Voice… leaves u wanting More!!! Looking forward to hearing lots more in the future!!!

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