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Brand New Day

Blogger is about to stop letting its users publish their blogs via FTP. This is how I’ve used Blogger for my blog since the very first day I started blogging back in April 2004. So now it’s time to move on, or rather move it all to WordPress. By contrast, WordPress not only lets its users publish their blogs via FTP but it also allows users to host their own WordPress engine on their server or private web hosting account. The two companies simply have a different philosophy on who owns what.

Anyway, I guess this is the first proper blog entry on Toni Sant’s Blog driven by WordPress. The main address remains the same. You’ll always find me at – and I hope that it will be some time again until I even need to think about whether this is one of the few constants in my life or not. All previous posts and comments remain online too, of course. I have chosen not to import them into the WordPress database, simply because they already exist as flat HTML files under the domain and I prefer to leave all web pages as close as possible to the way they were to when they were originally published.

My blog’s design and layout had hardly changed since I first created it, so I think it’s about time to refresh it all, especially it’s still very alive and it’s much clearer (at least to me) what blogging is really all about after all these years.


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