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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Put My Ring Back On

A couple of weeks ago I started thinking about the idea of changing the format of my weekly blog entries to match the basic show note page I also create for my weekly podcast feed. Last week I followed up on this but mostly because I was in Poland and had set things up to publish automatically. Now I'm back to a live routine so I think I should really give this idea some more thought to see if it has any proper legs to stand on.

If I were to write an unrelated blog entry this week, it would most probably be about the pope's upcoming visit to Malta and the controversy the Catholic church is enshrined in right now. Still, I'm not back into my regular swing completely, so that will have to wait at least a few more days. Meanwhile here's the entry about the 207th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast:

  • Toby & Scott Walker, featuring Taya Cade - Blame
    Toby returns with a new track that opens with a sound that's quite similar to the Traces theme song he produced with Kristina Casolani in 2008. Still, Blame is quite a different song and Taya Cade's voice really takes it to a different place. In case you're wondering, this Scott Walker is not the legendary baritone voice from the Walker Brothers.

  • Lyndsay Pace - Zip It Up
    One of the most enjoyable Maltese pop voice returns with a follow-up to the sensational System Overload from just a few months ago. The best thing about this young singer is that she seems to be above the drivel associated with pop music in Malta, which seems to gravitate a little too much towards the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Different Strings - Victims of Love
    Victims of Love is a new EP by Chris Mallia. Proceeds from this CD are designated for the family of Noel Cauchi who died in a fatal accident at the Malta International Airport last November, while working on a cherry picker. I've picked the title track from this EP and it's quite refreshing to hear the voice of Errol Cutajar on this song. This is by far the best material from Different Strings to date.

  • Divine Sinners - Rattle Snake
    I first heard about this Gozitan duo made up of Charles J Attard and Frank Buhagiar several months ago but I had only heard them do covers of songs written by others. Now that I've finally heard them do an original song I'm gladly including them on my weekly MMI podcast. As it happens their sound works well back to back with that from Different Strings.

  • Tony Scott - Soul Searching (Let it Flow)
    Anyone above the age of 40 familiar with the Maltese music scene will remember Tony Scott as a prominent name in the 1980s. It's heart warming to see that he's still producing music after all these years, finding a new audience online, mostly via MySpace. He seems to be working on a new album as he has recently released a couple of new tracks on his MySpace page. This is one of them and I'm sure it will go down well with anyone who likes instrumental music of a symphonic rock variety with a tinge of new age sounds.

    The RSS feed for the Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast is available here or you can simply click here to subscribe directly with iTunes. You can also follow each new episode through the MMI Podcast: Facebook Fan Page or on MySpace. If you have no idea what any of this means, just click here or listen to the podcast on the player right below this text.

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