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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gone Gone Gone

At about this time of the year for the past 9 years, Mario Axiaq and I have been putting together a list of obituaries for people known for their public life in Malta. It is an exercise that works hand in glove with Mario's project to chronicle Malta day by day and MaltaMedia's round-up of the year gone by.

While countless tributes will be made to Michael Jackson, Mike Bongiorno, Farrah Fawcett and other well known figures outside Malta, it behooves us remember the many Maltese personalities who passed away during the past 12 months.

Here's the list for this year, so far:

Charles Camillieri, Composer & Musician
(Died: 3 January 2009)

Charles Clews, Actor & Broadcaster
(Died: 29 January 2009)

Alexandra Borg Olivier, Former Prime Minister's Wife
(Died: 27 February 2009)

Victor Tedesco, Football Club Manager
(Died: 17 March 2009)

Antoinette Soler, Actress
(Died: May 2009)

Nikki Falzon, Composer & Musician
(Died: May 2009)

Dennis Vella, Art Curator
(Died: 28 July 2009)

Clifford Micallef, Cyclist
(Died: 30 July 2009)

Jennie Psaila, Equestrian
(Died: 4 August 2009)

Desmond Vella, Entrepreneur & Promoter
(Died: 25 August 2009)

Joseph A Sacco, MFA Secretary General
(Died: 9 September 2009)

Lawrence Mintoff, Architect & Politician
(Died: 14 September 2009)

Remo Mifsud, Entrepreneur & Promoter
(Died: 14 September 2009)

Victor Diacono, Sculptor
(Died: 22 October 2009)

Joe A. Grima, Politician
(Died: 2 November 2009)

Twanny Buhagiar, Sports Journalist & Broadcaster
(Died: 18 November 2009)

Daniel Piscopo, Politician & Medical Doctor
(Died: 14 December 2009)

Angelo Fenech, Entrepreneur
(Died: 16 December 2009)

Lilliana Bencini, Radio Announcer
(Died: 19 December 2009)

Edwin Busuttil, Politician & Law Professor
(Died: 20 December 2009)

Victor Agius, Councilman
(Died: 21 December 2009)

If you think there's anyone else we should include in this list, please contact me. We'd also appreciate any corrections to dates of death as listed here, because we don't always get things 100% right.

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