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Saturday, June 06, 2009

You're My Number One

With the European parliament elections underway there's far more political campaigning in the air than most other times of the year. Local council elections make things more exciting for all involved, but also alienate those like me who are not really very interested in governments, local, national, or whatever. I was very amused to read Mrs Maltagirl's tweet this morning after she voted: "...if you don't use your vote, you lose your right to complain!" To which I quickly replied: "One way some people complain is by using their right not to vote!"

One thing is guaranteed to help me preserve my sanity at times like this. Yes, you guessed it: my weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast, now on number 165 in the series. It's not that I'm not interested in politics. I'm simply only interested in politics when things matter or when they make part of a larger picture that actually means something to me.

Following on the excellent feedback I received on having Sasha & Sam open last week's podcast, I've decided to go for something that's gentle on the ear again as the opening track. Victor Chetcuti has just released his third CD album entitled Together Free. I first featured Victor's music from the southern English seaside town of Bournemouth last November. The song I've picked today is called Look Into Your Eyes. Victor's voice is wonderfully soothing and the arrangement on this song makes the whole thing very pleasant.

Tom Caruana is another Englishman of Maltese descent previously featured on the MMI podcast series. He too has a new album out. His is called Rebel Without Applause. Ye Old School is the name of the track I've selected from Tom's album. His hip-hop infused tunes have a distinct English feel to them, which is not unlike the sort of thing you find in songs by The Kinks, The Style Council, or Blur. Listen closely and you'll see what I mean. There may be Maltese blood running though Tom's veins but his sensibility is most certainly British.

Out of the various listeners who contacted me during the past few days, I was particularly struck by a message from Etienne Farrell. She told me of a concert taking place at the Paola Primary School next Friday 12 June after 7pm featuring The Myth, Beheaded, Lord Adder, Colourblind, and Trick or Treat, among others. This a benefit gig in aid of a work colleague of some of these bands who need medical treatment. As it happens, The Myth have recently released the third of the songs they recorded last summer with string arrangements. The latest one is called Dream, and Dion Farrell is right to think that this is the best song he has ever written. It's quite good indeed but I believe he will be giving us even better songs in years to come.

From time to time I'm faced with a time-duration dilemma in picking what to play on my podcast. At over 8 minutes, Incubus the debut release from the band Twenty-Six Other-Worlds, verges on the limit I'm comfortable including on what in effect is a 20-minute show. Still, once you hear it you'll see that it's not too over indulgent and could very well prove to become a classic among Maltese metal fans in years to come.

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