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Thursday, November 22, 2007

How Soon is Now?

Earlier this week I attended a symposium at the University of Salford's Think Lab entitled New Performance Paradigms: New Languages. I was invited to present my most recent research on Second Life along with several other performance scholars and practitioners. Together we form a research network that's involved in facilitating a new language to study and discuss contemporary performance. Mary Oliver and her team at the School of Media, Music and Performance at the University of Salford did a magnificent job in putting together the day's proceedings.

I was very impressed by the facilities at the Think Lab The Pod at Salford's Think Lab(pictured here). This place is quite conducive for this sort of activity. To be honest, when I first stepped into the Think Pod I felt like stepping into the future. It's a great feeling. I hadn't felt that way since the first time I visited HIVE at the University in Hull or MARS in Italy.

Aside from the academic gathering, this event gave me the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in Manchester's city centre. I must admit that I found it nicer than I expected. It feels like a city in renaissance and, as cities go, one I wouldn't mind visiting over and over to partake in its vibrant activities.


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