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Friday, September 14, 2007

So Far, So Good...So What!

I've compiled a list of alternative music from Maltese recording artists released so far in 2007. In keeping with what I started last year, my plan is to poll my blog readers and Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners towards established the top favourite releases of 2007.

I am incredibly impressed by the even larger number of releases this year. As ever, I have a feeling my list is not complete. Please let me know if you think there are any additional titles I should add to this list before starting the voting in November. The list is not meant to be fully comprehensive - I am selective - but I would like to include as many titles as possible at this stage, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you think I've missed out on your favourite 2007 release.

Here's the list, so far, in alphabetical order:

  • Aaron Benjamin In My Head
  • Ailas Town
  • Ambulanza The Bubble
  • Andre' Camilleri & the Broken Hearts One Fine Day
  • Arachnid Compelled to Distort
  • Beige Anything
  • Bitterside Start Again
  • Bomba Hold Your Ground [track]
  • Cable35 It's Over
  • Caligula Surreal [tracks]
  • Carra Be Yourself [album]
  • Carrie Flooded Roads
  • Charlie Calleja Dancing with Dolphins [tracks]
  • Chasing Pandora Mock the Mocking Bird [album]
  • Chemical Orphan What If It Was You
  • Christabelle Borg Tonight
  • Club Murder Preserved in Pain
  • Corazon Hawn Jien
  • Cordin Sky Man With The Microphone
  • Cynic Pictures Aim High
  • Dean Saviour Marshmallow Girl
  • Deckchair Gurus Summertime
  • Demis Ethereal Travel
  • Different Strings …It's Only The Beginning
  • Drive In Your Eyes
  • Explicit Objection/Games
  • Fakawi Eileen (Live)
  • Franco Tartaglia In Memoria
  • Fraser Gregory No Ordinary Eyes
  • Freddie Portelli Hangin' On
  • Grimaud (w/Marc Galea) Purple Haze
  • ipconfig lagggggg
  • Jean Claude Vancell Of Hopes & Dreams
  • Jean Pierre Zammit Wipe Every Tear
  • Jewls Verse Taking It Easy
  • John Galea Faded Popstar
  • jon lukas/WOODENMAN Fade Away
  • JPG Return
  • Karm Debattista mssp Agħmilni Bħalek
  • Karm Debattista mssp Ħejju Triq għall-Mulej
  • Kristina Casolani & Toby Search
  • L-Amerikan Għana tal-Fatt
  • Manuel Casha Tifkira
  • Marc Galea My Journey
  • Marilyn Mifsud Evicted
  • Marty Rivers I'm Available
  • Mathematikal Electrophant/This is Plonk
  • Melchior Sultana No More
  • Mind's Eye Dub Trod On Dub
  • Mindstate My Adrenaline
  • Prayer of the Dying Structures of a Dying Matter
  • ReAct Dismissed
  • Recoil The Great Divide
  • Renee Cassar Waiting
  • Scream Daisy Bees
  • Shilloo's Tree Expression/Waiting for Your Smile
  • Shockleader Say NOW!
  • Sin Selection Casanova
  • Sixth Simfoni feat. Rachel Fabri Breakthru
  • Skimmed Where is Your God?
  • Skorba Temples of Devotion
  • Sky of Yuggoth Transmissions from the Chthonic Depths
  • Slur (Ann de Gaetano) Back to You
  • South Central Crystalling
  • Starbrights You Ran Away From Me
  • Stillborn Thy Feeble Soul
  • Stoned Joker Alone
  • Subculture Resist the Abuse
  • The Areola Treat Disco Party
  • The Characters So Alive
  • The Monitors Fade Away
  • The New Harmonics Red
  • The Rifffs Jack The Ripper
  • The Vagabond Project Deepheat
  • Thomas Hedley Just Your Picture On My Mind
  • Thy Legion Proclaimer of Chaos
  • Toby Everytime it Rains
  • Various Malta Song for Europe 2007
  • Vinnie Vintage Sea to the Salt
  • White Crimson Julia (live)
  • Winona Riders Love Can Do You No Harm
  • Xtruppaw Forza Malta

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    salt- hello truth (album) 

    10:34 AM, November 22, 2007
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    uncharted - song for you 

    1:22 PM, November 29, 2007

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