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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Run Run Run

I was amazed to see hundreds of orienteers invade Scarborough this morning, partly because it was an incredibly foggy day and partly because I always think of this place as a quiet town before the summer season starts. In some way, their presence fits in well with the sense of being all over the place that I always feel whenever I return from traveling outside Scarborough.

This week's podcast reflects this mood. It opens with Liver Daily House, a track off Frenzy Mono's Unorthodox CD, followed by Temple of Apollo from Joe "Pexja" Vella. These two tracks tie up with my most recent blog entry about my music-related adventures during last week's trip to Malta. The same goes for the third track; a song called Where is your god by newcomers Skimmed.

To break away from post-travel disorientation and ward off any bouts of nostalgia I close this week's podcast with Say Now, a new track from UK-based band Shockleader. Drummer Ryan Abela returns to Malta with his band mates to perform at Luxol and Rookies next weekend.

The coming week is a trying one for me. Getting back into the swing of work after a break is not a feeling I like until I'm over the "are we there yet?" hump. If I find the time I may blog a little bit about getting back in the groove...but that's a big if. I'll probably still be chasing my tale for a few more weeks, possibly even a couple of months.

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Blogger Lady VAM said...

Hey there,

Added your podcast to my Itunes and took a tour into your past podcasts to find the song Down by the water coz someone lately named it to me.

Anyway its always a pleasure to listen to your podcasts

take care 

9:12 PM, April 19, 2007

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