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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Eyes Without a Face

Please join me in welcoming Martin Attard to the MaltaMedia Online Network. Starting today he will be contributing a weekly cartoon to the MMON. The new series is called Faceless.
Blogger users may notice that we're using Blogger as the content management system to bring you this new cartoon series. It's an easy interface to use and quite secure. So we're sticking to it. It also gives readers easy access to post comments about the cartoons.

MMON's first cartoon series, Gattaldo's Brave Cissies, appeared online in January 2003. MagnumT's Whatever followed up on the success of that series until earlier this year. Brave Cissies lasted until September 2003.

Meanwhile, enjoy Faceless by Martin Attard and feel free to visit the Brave Cissies and Whatever archives.

Blogger Hsejjes said...

I think Aldo's cartoons are more classy and humourous.I love his drawings. 

8:06 AM, July 07, 2006

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