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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Rebuilding Malta's old Opera House

Yesterday, the newly elected Maltese MEPs attended the opening session of the new European Parliament in Strasbourg. The fact that this is the first time Maltese MEPs are sitting in Strasbourg as full members of the EU made me wonder whether they are now in a priviledged position to discuss certain issues with their counterparts from other countries, on equal footing.

Royal Opera House in ruins during World War III bring this up in light of the long overdue rebuilding of the old Opera House in Valletta. As we all know, this was destroyed mainly by German Nazi bombs during World War II. While some may argue that all is fair is (love and) war, perhaps Malta is now in a better position to request financial aid from Germany to rebuild the old Opera House. I would not be surprised if Germany has a way of getting special EU funds allocated towards this exercise too. Something tells me that Italy may have a thing or two to say about this issue, not to mention support from the UK, which got us in the whole WWII mess to begin with.

An achievement of this magnitude would show that the Maltese MEPs are truly serving a practical purpose in Strasbourg, beyond their bureaucratic call of duty, or perhaps as a natural part of it. I wonder if they'll use the Maltese language during their discussions on this matter, if they have any talks at all about this issue.

Blogger Peter McCann said...

If the Germans can rebuild Dresden and the Venetian rebuild their Opera House why not rebuild the Valletta Opera House. Extreme pressure should be placed on the Germans to pay for this and also Whitehall. Such a precious ediface cannot be destroyed for ever. What a tourist attraction to have Grand Opera once again from this building 

10:19 PM, October 22, 2004
Blogger Peter McCann said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator. 

10:21 PM, October 22, 2004

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