A global online bed-in for peace

In response to the events in the USA and Afghanistan, artists Amy Berk and Andy Cox, currently in residence at New Pacific Studio, New Zealand, organized an online bed-in for peace during the third weekend in October 2001: staying in bed, fasting, and meditating on world peace for 48 hours. Toni Sant joined them online for most of the time.

The live webcast of the even was available
via the iVisit video conference application

Click here to hear Toni Sant speak about this event [in Maltese]

The global timings which coincided with the 48-hour live webcast and conference were:

  • Masterton: 8 pm Friday to 8 pm Sunday
  • New York: 3 am Friday to 3 am Sunday
  • London: 8 am Friday to 8 am Sunday
  • Malta: 9am Friday to 9am Sunday
  • Kabul: 11:30 am Friday to 11:30 am Sunday
  • Many thanks to all who joined the bed-in and those who emailed messages of peace.