Monday, March 05, 2007

Interactive and Improvisational Drama book

buy the bookAnnouncing the publication of the new book Interactive and Improvisational Drama: Varieties of Applied Theatre and Performance edited by Adam Blatner (with Daniel J Wiener).

In this unique anthology, thirty-two innovators share their approaches ways people can use nonscripted and interactive drama in community-building, education, personal and social empowerment, therapy, and recreation.

For drama students, their teachers, educators, actors, community workers, therapists, and even those in general population who like theatre. This may be the most dynamic cutting edge of the theatre arts today! In this book, drama can be discerned as a medium that expands the nature of discourse beyond the linear transmission of information, to include also imagination, spontaneity, vitality, involvement, emotional sensitivity and amplification, empathy, the power of group dynamics, and emotional supportiveness.

In addition, this book has a website that contains many supplementary papers, further references, anecdotes, and resources, and as such, you get twice as much for your money! You can also look over the table of contents of the book.

Order it for your college or university library, local public library, and for yourself, too! Please pass this along to other colleagues who may share an interest - teachers, educators, theatre artists, improv actors, drama therapists, and many others.

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