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Theater in Education (TIE) has a constantly evolving definition, as new strategies and objectives for using theatre as an educational tool emerge. Most define TIE as a general term that includes all the interactive theatre practices that help aid the educational process. Some of these processes include developing original scripts, using the performance of a play as a springboard for interacting with an audience and discussing important topics or themes, or theatre activities used to support classroom curriculum.

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    Creative Drama and Music Methods: Introductory Activities for Children by Margaret Merrion and Janet E. Rubin Theater Games for the Classroom: A Teacher's Handbook by Viola Spolin Creative Drama in the Classroom and Beyond by Nellie McCaslin Drama in the Classroom: Creative Activities for Teachers, Parents & Friends by Polly Erion "Now I Get It!": 12 Ten-Minute Classroom Drama Skits for Science, Math, Language, and Social Studies for Grades K-3 by L. E. McCullough First You Sit on the Floor: A Guide to Developing a Youth Theatre Troupe by Michael Burns


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