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Psychodrama is an in depth method of group psychotherapy originated by J.L. Moreno, M.D. Action methods are used to enable past, present and future life events to be explored. Issues or problems and their possible solutions are enacted rather than just talked about. Psychodrama offers the opportunity to practise new roles safely, see oneself from outside, gain insight and change. There is a director, an action area and group members. The director supports groups to explore new solutions to old problems, group members participate in the drama as significant others and share how they personally relate to and can learn from the presenting issue at the end of the session.

Psychodrama methods are in use throughout the world and with a variety of personal, interpersonal and social problems.

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    Foundations of Psychodrama: History, Theory, and Practice by Adam Blatner Psychodrama by Paul Wilkins Acting-In: Practical Applications of Psychodramatic Methods by Adam Blatner The Rainbow of Desire: The Boal Method of Theatre and Therapy by Augusto Boal The Handbook of Psychodrama edited by Marcia Karp, Paul Holmes, and Kate Bradshaw Tauvon



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